20 Jan 2015, 12:11pm
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Alien Abduction Caught On Security Tape

This one is old, yet interesting. An apparent alien abduction caught on video tape.

27 Nov 2011, 10:35am
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For Humans To Survive, We Must Settle Space

Steven Hawking has said it. We’re using up our resources at an increasingly high rate. We will need to move off the planet to survive.

25 Nov 2011, 10:33am
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The Malls Are Tracking You

Be wary of the innocent malls and shopping centers, they are starting to use technology that tracks your every movement, by following your cell phone.

Remember, you can always turn off your phone if you’re not using it. If you’re not using your phone, why leave it on so that others can track your movements?

Reclassified Data

The page “demo songs” has been reclassified and now requires a password to gain access. This move is sudden and unexpected, but for good reason.

We can’t discuss reasons for this.

The only info we can release to the public is this: Certain entities will be undergoing a splicing procedure to create a new anomaly. End results are yet unknown and this experiment will certainly result in something that we could not predict.

Stand by for more information as the process commences.

NASA UFO Footage

NASA has evidence of UFO’s. They know what’s really going on. They don’t want to share with the rest of us.

Joint Compound has been added to the artists page

Joint Compound played heavy music in a garage in Minnesota.

You can listen to the songs that resulted from the project here. Location of band members is currently unknown.

Animals Can’t Trust The Government

Just in case you were wondering:

Eighteen pigs wrapped in protective Kevlar blankets were blasted in a bid to help scientists understand more about the effects of bomb blasts on victims.

The rest is here.

The Aliens Are Watching Us

You can see them through a porthole, staring at us, in this video.

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